New Beers and Mixer Sixers Week of 5/30/15

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Posted by Barley and Vine Growlers on Saturday, May 30, 2015

  • Wesbrook Sixer Mixer
  • Stone Ruination
  • Monday Night Serrano Eye Patch Ale
  • Ballast Point Grapefruit Sculpin
  • Stone Imperial Mutt Brown Ale
  • Stone Russian Imperial Stout 2015
  • Anderson Valley Bourbon Barrel Stout

Dan’s Brew Reviews: IPA, Doppelbock, and Tripel

Innis & Gunn Toasted Oak IPA
Awesome brew! The oakiness matches well with this classic English IPA. Definitely a beer to savor!

Ayinger Celebrator Doppelbock
There is nothing as magnificent as this German Doppelbock! One of the most difficult beers to brew! Get a taste of this soon!

Tripel Karmeliet
The #1 rated Tripel, best served in a chalice. Aroma complex, Estery and fruity. Brilliantly clear and mighty bubbly. Flavor absolutely explodes with first sip.

Allagash Tripel Reserve
Good overall to style. Clean, dry and complex. Brilliantly clear and quite effervescent. Nice fruity notes! Another winner from Allagash in Maine!

Introducting Barley and Vine’s Mixer Sixer

What’s a Mixer-Sixer, you ask? When I visit a Craft-Brewery or Brew-Pub, I like to order a “Flight” of their different beers to give me a chance to taste several different beers often at a pretty good price. Since more Craft Breweries are canning their beers, I saw an opportunity to repackage the 6-pack into 2each of three different beers. I’ve put together tasting notes and even thrown in a FREE brewery glass as part of the package. So far, Barley and Vine has Mixer-Sixers for Oskar Blues, Orpheus and Red Brick.

Today we added Evil Twin Brewing, which include the 16oz. Molotov Lite Imperial IPA, 12oz. Nomad-er Weisse and the 16oz Low Life Pilsner. The Evil Twin Mixer-Sixer is a $24 value, but priced at only $18.99. Pretty nice, eh? These Mixer-Sixers are perfect for your own tasting party, that is, if you decide to share the other can! It also makes a nice gift for a friend or neighbor who is interested in learning and trying new and different craft beers.

New Planet Brown Ale Beer Review

A few years ago, when we started carrying New Planet’s gluten free beer, I tried all three of the beers they carried at the time: Tread Lightly Ale, 3 R Raspberry Ale, and Off Grid Pale Ale. Since then, they have renamed some of these beers, so Tread Lightly is now Blonde Ale, 3 R Raspberry is now Raspberry Ale, and Off Grid Pale Ale is Pale Ale. My favorite was the Off Grid Pale Ale because it was very similar to Sweetwater 420 Extra Pale Ale in the hop characteristics. The grain bill included brown rice syrup as well as sorghum, which allowed for the hops to shine.

Last night, I decided to bring home a bottle of New Planet Brown Ale. I made the mistake of leaving it to chill in the fridge for too long. I know, I know, we drink our beer cold! It’s how we do it in the United States. When I poured it in the glass, it had a really nice, tan head. The aroma was very sorghum. The taste was equally so, hitting the back of my tongue. I let it warm up, and I could taste the brown sugar/molasses and a hint of chocolate. I’m wondering if I had just not refrigerated it at all– or just chilled it a little bit– if I would also taste the coffee and roasted characteristics.

New Planet is the king of the gluten free beer game. They’re start-to-finish gluten free, so you know what you’re getting is absolutely gluten free and not gluten-reduced. For that, I’m super thankful because it gives me something more than cider to contend with. Yes, ciders are becoming more complex, BUT beer has more than just apples, water, and yeast to play around with.

OMG LIZ SO LONG. GIMME SHORT. Drink the dang thing at room temperature. Beware of the sorghum, but also look for a little bit of chocolate and coffee with the molasses. Definitely for fans of gluten free beer! If you like all the truly gluten free beers floating around, you HAVE to try this one.

Also, I’m used to cider, so the sorghum, to me, was just hoo-eeeeeeee.