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Barley and Vine Growlers was founded as part of Barley and Vine in Stockbridge, GA and specializes in craft beer, wine, cider and mead. We have been selling packaged beer since 2011 and added the growler bar in October of 2012 as the state laws changed. We have 27 rotating taps and over 300 beers in the bottle including all special and limited releases beers.


What is craft beer?

Craft beer is any beer that has a distinctive quality and is brewed in small quantities, comparatively. As time goes on and craft beer becomes more popular we are seeing the official definition of a craft brewery expand as it is set forth by the Brewers Association. What remains true about craft beer though is that in comparison to the amount of beer brewed at the beer behemoths, these are all still the little guys.

What is a growler?

A growler is a container filled with beverage that is sealed up so it can be transported. In the past few years we have seen an influx of growlers and the rules differ by state. In Georgia we can fill both 64 oz and 32 oz growlers. We fill the growler with beer or cider from the draft so it gives you a distinctive flavor from either the bottle or can. It is a great way to take draft beer home and share it with all your friends for a special occasion. Or if you are like us, the special occasion is that it is a Tuesday; and we aren’t really that good at sharing.

I thought they only put crappy beer in cans?

Wrong. Great beer is in cans. Breweries all over the US are beginning to can some of the best beers they can. In fact, it is overall better for the beer. Two of the great enemies of beer is UV light and oxygen. With cans those two dangers are eliminated during the transportation and storage process. That way when a beer gets to you it is fresher and better tasting than ever. Also, cans look cool. Shoutout to guys with the great cans at Westbrook Brewing.

How long will my growler last?

As we have covered already two of the enemies of beer is UV light and oxygen. Well when the growler is filled the beer automatically comes into contact with both. But have no fear! The growler is filled so that there is little to no oxygen in the growler and the caps we use reduces the effects of oxygen even more. Essentially, a growler will last unopened for about a week. Once the seal is popped and you hear that beautiful sound of CO2 being released into the air then you have 24-48 hours to drink before the beer loses carbonation. It shouldn’t be a problem. I believe in you.

What should I do with my growler when it’s empty?

This one is easy. Go ahead and stumble on over to the sink. Fill it with water. Pour it out. Fill it with water. Pour it out. Now leave the cap off and let it air dry. The next morning put your cap back on and put it back in your car so you have your growler with you the next time you decide to randomly drop by.

Do you have any gluten free beers?

I still stand by the fact that gluten is delicious. BUT given the fact that some people out their are really allergic then the answer is YES, of course we have gluten free beers. Everything ranging from ciders that are gluten free to beers that use Clarity-Ferm to make them “gluten-free” (gluten-reduced).

Where are you located?

Our physical location is at 1445 Rock Quarry Rd, Suite 201, Stockbridge, GA 30281. Off the highway you are going to turn East onto Eagles Landing Parkway then a quick left to head north on Rock Quarry Road. You’re gonna pass one mexican restaurant. At the second mexican restaurant, Pueblo Mio, you are going to take a left and go behind it. We are on the backside under the Mexican place. And if you get here at a good time you can smell the fajitas.

Keep in mind, all of our beers are in-store purchase only. Georgia law prohibits us from shipping beer.

If you have a particular beer you would like to pick up at our store, give us a call at 770-506-4724 or email us using the form below.

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